Read our online privacy policy to understand how we collect, use and manage information of visitors


Read our online privacy policy to understand how we collect, use and manage information of visitors


The following document is our online Privacy Policy that helps our customers to understand our collection, usage, and management of their information.


    1. This is the privacy policy of Go Compare Parking, and in this document, the words ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’ refer to our company, Go Compare Parking. Protecting your information’s privacy is our foremost priority. This privacy statement applies to Go Compare Parking and governs any data collection and its usage, thereof. This policy has been developed for you to easily understand how we are collecting, using, communicating, and processing your personal information. The following content defines our privacy policy.
    2. While accessing the Go Compare Parking site, we will learn some personal information during your visit.
    3. Just like any other commercial website, our site also uses the standard cookie technology and server logs together data about how our website is utilised. To find out more about the cookies, read the details below. The information gathered via cookies and server logs might consist of dates and times of your visit, the pages that you viewed, the time you spent on our website, your IP address, and the sites visited before and after coming to our site.
  2. Introduction

    1. This privacy policy is intended to inform you about what information about you is recorded by Go Compare Parking. This privacy notice outlines the conditions under which we may process information collected from you or provided by you. It reviews the information that can be used to personally identify you and the one that cannot. In this privacy notice, the term process would legally mean to collect, store use, transfer, are otherwise act upon the information.
    2. We would regret that if you have to leave our website immediately on account that you do not agree to one or more points set below in our privacy policy.
    3. Go Compare Parking takes the protection of your privacy as well as confidentiality quite seriously. We fully understand that all visitors to our site reserve the right to know that any of their personal data will not be used for purposes that they did not intend, and it will never fall into the hands of any third parties accidentally.
    4. Go Compare Parking undertakes the preserving of your information's confidentiality, and hope that you will reciprocate.
    5. Our privacy policy is in full compliance with English Law and is implemented accordingly, including the required standard by the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
    6. We are required by law to inform you of rights and our obligations to your personal data's processing and control.
    7. Except for what is set out below, we never share, sell, or disclose any information collected from you on our site to any third party.
  3. Personal Information Collection

    1. Book My Parking might collect your personally identifiable information as you sign up as a member on our site. We collect the following data on our membership site from you:
    2. Name
    3. Addrеѕѕ
    4. E-mail Addrеѕѕ
    5. Phone Numbеr
    6. Cred/Debit card information
    7. Contact address
    8. Vehicle Details
    9. Flight Details
    10. Go Compare Parking anonymous demographic information also which is not specific to you.
    11. We might collect some additional personal or non-personal from you in the future.
    12. Go Compare Parking encourages all visitors to read the privacy policy of the site you decide to link to from Book My Parking. It is intended to help you understand how those websites are collecting, using, and sharing your information.
    13. Go Compare Parking takes no responsibility for the privacy policy or any content on those websites that are outside our domain
  4. What Information We Gather and Why?

    1. We might gather your information directly from you or automatically by your usage of our site and services. We might also gather your information as an individual via our customers using Ad Beacon technology.
    2. Information directly collected from you: Certain sections and features of our website and services require you to register with us. For booking our services, you are required to provide your first name, last name, current email address, and password. We might gather information from you directly as a data subject via one of our third-party integrators.
    3. Information collected automatically from you: We might collect your information automatically by your usage of our website via Google Analytics, including but not limited to the duration of your visit to our website and your movement through it.
    4. We might collect your information using AdRemote, location and language information, mobile device ID, device name and model, operating system, its name and version, your activities within AdRemote, and the duration for which you were logged into the AdRemote.
    5. Unlike the information we gather by your utilisation of AdBeacon technology, we might combine the information mentioned above with some other information that we gather about you like your username, employer/customer name, your full name, and your password, where applicable.

    1. Your computer uses IP addresses as an identifier every time you connect with the internet. This IP address consists of numbers to specifically identify your computer on the network. These IP addresses are collected automatically by our web server as profile and demographic data called " traffic data". It enables us to send the data, such as your requested web pages, back to you.

  6. Our Email Policies

    1. We are determined to keep your email address confidential and never sell rent or lease out our subscription list to any third parties. We never share your personal information at any time with a third-party company, government agency, or individual with the expectation where we are compelled to do so by law.
    2. You may receive emails including our newsletter from us with your consent. However, you may choose to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter easily.
    3. Under the applicable federal law, we will maintain the sent by you via emails.
  7. We Never Sell, Rent, Or Lease Our Customer List to Third Parties.

    1. Go Compare Parking might contact you from time to time on behalf of our external business associates and partners about certain offers that may interest you. In such cases, your identifiable unique information such as email address, name, phone number, etc. will be transferred to the third party. Go Compare Parking might with its trusted associates and partners to help conduct statistical analysis, send a postal mail or email to you, arrange for delivery, or facilitate customer support. All these third-party associates and partners are prohibited from utilising your personal information in any way except to provide services for Book My Parking. They are also required to uphold the confidentiality of all your information.
    2. Go Compare Parking may disclose your personal information, without prior notice, only when we are required to do so by law or operating in good faith where such an action is required to;
    • Conform to the edicts of the law
    • Comply with any legal processes served on Go Compare Parking or its site
    • Defend and protect the rights and property of Go Compare Parking
    • Protect the personal safety of Go Compare Parking's users or public acting under exigent circumstances.
  8. Grounds On Which We Process Your Information

    1. We are required by law to determine under which of the six predefined bases, we will process your personal information in different categories. We are also required to notify you of each category basis.
    2. If the basis of your information processing is no longer relevant, then we shall stop processing your data immediately. Whenever the basic changes and we are required by law, Go Compare Parking shall notify you duly of the changes and of the new basis under which we have determined to continue processing your information.
  9. CAN-SPAM Compliance

    1. Under CAN-SPAM Act compliance, any email communication from our organisation will clearly state us by name as the sender and will contain on how you may contact us. Additionally, any email communication from us will also contain brief information on how to exclude yourself from our mailing list so you will not receive email communication from us any further.
  10. Data Under EU GDPR Compliance

    1. At Go Compare Parking, we uphold your right to privacy. As consumers ourselves, we understand the importance of building a company that protects the privacy of its consumers. All our services are carefully designed to protect the personal data and privacy of all our consumers.
    2. Go Compare Parking is regarded as a "data processor" under the GDPR guidelines. Our customers are the primary data controller and we are responsible for providing additional privacy or consent for gathering their individual case requirements.
  11. Information Processing Under Contractual Obligation with You

    1. While using the Go Compare Parking site, you are deemed in agreement with our terms and conditions, thereby, forming a contract between you and us.
    2. To fulfill our obligations under this contract, we must process the information provided by you. Some of the information processing might consist of your personal information.
    3. We may utilise your information for:
    • Verifying your identity for security purposes
    • Selling our products to you
    • Provisioning of our services
    • To offer suggestions and advice for the services and guide you to get the most from our site.
    1. Go Compare Parking only processes your information on the account that we have a contract between us, or that you have requested us to process your information before entering a legal contract together.
    2. Moreover, we might aggregate the information in general and utilise it to provide class data for purposes like monitoring the performance of a particular service that we provide. If your information is used for this purpose, you will not be personally identified as an individual.
    3. Go Compare Parking shall continue this information processing until the end of the contract or termination of this contract by either party involved under the terms of the contract.
  12. Information Processing Under Your Express Consent

    1. In the absence of a contract between us, sometimes through certain actions like browsing our website or asking us to provide information on our products and services, give us the consent to process your information that may be considered personal.
    2. Whenever possible, we do am to get your explicit consent for information processing, for instance, asking you to agree to our cookie usage.
    3. Sometimes you may provide the consent implicitly like when you send an email to which you would reasonably expect a reply from us.
    4. Other than the instances where you have consented to us to process your information for specific purposes, we never utilise your information that can be used to personally identify you. Go Compare Parking might aggregate your information in a general way to provide class data, for instance, to monitor a particular page performance on our site. We might pass your name and contact information from time to time, to our select associates if we deem that they may offer useful products and services to you.
    5. Go Compare Parking keeps processing your information on this basis until such time, when you withdraw your consent or when it can be assumed reasonably that your consent does not exist any longer.
    6. However, if this is the case, you may not be able to utilise our site or our services anymore.
  13. Information Processing for Legitimate Interest Purposes

    1. Go Compare Parking processes your information based on existing legitimate interests for either you or us.
    2. Wherever we process your information based on existing legitimate interests, we give careful consideration to:
    • Whether or not the same objective could be achieved through some other means
    • Whether or not processing this information may cause you harm
    • Whether or not you will expect this data processing, and whether or not you 
    • would consider this processing of data reasonable

    • For instance, we might process your data based on existing legitimate interest for:
    • Maintaining records for the necessary administration of our business
    • Ponding to your unsolicited communication for which our response is expected
    • Asserting and protecting the legal rights of any party
    • Insuring against potential business risk or obtaining professional advice for managing it
    • Protecting your interest whenever deemed by us as our duty to do so
    1. Information Processing for Legal Obligation Fulfillment Under GDPR Compliance

      1. Go Compare Parking, like everyone else, is subject to the law. Therefore, to comply with the statutory obligations, we have to process your information.
      2. For instance, we might be obligated to provide your information to legal authorities if requested or where they provide a proper authorisation i.e., a court order or a search warrant.
      3. This might consist of your personal information.
      4. Specific utilisation of the information provided to us
    2. We Never Specifically Use Your Information Accept to Allow Its Display or Sharing

      1. We store your information and reserve the right to use it as we see fit in the future.
      2. We maintain no control over your information once it enters the public domain where any individual third party may have access to it. Go Compare Parking company and the website do not accept any responsibility, at any time for their actions.
      3. Whenever requested within reason, we may agree to delete your personal information posted by you at our discretion if there is no legal basis to retain it any longer. You may forward your request by contacting us at
    3. How We Share the Information

      1. We may choose to share your information including personally identifiable information; as follows:
      • We might choose to disclose the information gathered from you to our subsidiaries and affiliates. However, while doing that, they will use or disclose this information under this policy.
      • We might choose to disclose the information gathered from you our third-party associates, vendor, contractors, service providers, or agents working on our behalf.
      • In case we are required to, or merge with a company, where our substantial assets are transferred to that company, or to file for the bankruptcy proceedings, we may choose to transfer the information gathered to that company.
      • We might also choose to disclose the information gathered to comply with the law, any judicial proceedings, court orders, or any legal processes while responding to a subpoena or a court order.
      • We might also disclose the information gathered in cases where we deem it necessary to prevent, investigate, or take any action legal activities, potentially threatening situations to the safety of any person, suspected frauds, violation of our terms and conditions or this privacy policy, or for evidence in litigation involving Go Compare Parking.
    4. Complaints Concerning Our Website Content

      1. If you forward a complaint concerning any content on our site, then we shall investigate that complaint thoroughly.
      2. If we are required by law or deem it justified, we may choose to remove that content from our site while we are investigating. We uphold the fundamental right of free speech, may be required to make a judgement call on whose will be obstructed i.e., yours or of the persons' who posted the offending content.
      3. If it is deemed that your complaint has no basis and is vexations, we shall not correspond any further or at all with you.
    5. Unsubscribe & Opt-Out

      1. We provide the opportunity to the users of our website to opt-out after receiving any communication from us or our partners. You can unsubscribe from receiving is communication by reading the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of any email sent to you by us anytime. Our site users who wish to discontinue receiving our promotional materials and newsletters may opt-out by clicking on the link provided in the email for unsubscribing from this communication.
      2. We respect the privacy of all our website users and give them the opportunity to opt out from receiving any communication including announcements. If you wish to opt-out of receiving any communication at all from Go Compare Parking, please contact us here:
      3. Webpage:
      4. E-mail:
    6. Communicating With Our Support Team

      1. Whenever we are contacted by telephone, email, or our site, the information provided by you to respond the information that is requested. Go Compare Parking keeps a record of your requests and our reply to increase the efficiency of our services.
      2. Go Compare Parking never retains any personally identifiable data associated with that message like your name or email addresses.
    7. Storage

      1. We never store any content that can be used to potentially identify any individual. Our platform is built to aggregate and analyse the information in real-time without having to save any biometrics. Go Compare Parking offers this service partners overseas as well as its customers.
    8. Intellectual Property Rights

      1. All copyrights, patents, trademarks, content, software, and other intellectual property rights in and on our site shall remain the sole property of Go Compare Parking Ltd. Use of our trademarks, content, or any other intellectual property for any purpose is forbidden directed otherwise with express written consent.
      2. You must never:
      • Republic any material from our site without our express written consent.
      • Rent out or sell any materials from our site.
      • Duplicate, reproduce, construct derivatives, copies, or otherwise exploit any of our website material for any purpose.
      • Redistribute any part of our website content including onto some other site.
    9. Application

      1. All data that is collected and analysed is used for various applications like insights for audience measurements and aggregation.
    10. Complaints Process

      1. When a complaint is received, all the information given to us is recorded.
      2. This information is used to process and resolve your complaints
      3. If a complaint requires us to contact another person within reason, we might choose to share some of the information given to us in your complaint with that person. This is a rare occurrence and solely dependent on our discretion that what information is shared if we choose to share any information at all.
      4. Go Compare Parking may compile some statistical data indicating what information is collected from this source to assess the level of service provisioned. This information is never processed in a way to identify you or someone else.
    11. Anonymity

      1. Go Compare Parking collects and analysis anonymous data. We cannot and do not identify individuals personally at any time or period.

    12. Acceptable Usage

      1. You explicitly agree to utilise our site only for lawful purposes and in a manner that never infringes upon the rights of someone else or restricts or inhibits in any manner, how they use and enjoy our website. Prohibited behaviour on our site includes causing distress, harassment, or inconvenience of any kind to the users. It includes transmitting offensive or obscene content or normal dialogue within our site.
      2. Our site must not be utilised to send any unsolicited commercial communications. You must also never use our website content for any marketing purposes unless express consent is granted.
    13. Restricted Access

      1. In the future, we may have to restrict your access to some parts or all of our site. We reserve full rights to do so and If we furnish you with a username and password to access any restricted area of our site, you must guarantee that this information will be kept confidential.
    14. Our Cookie Policy Under GDPR Compliance

      1. The Go Compare Parking site uses cookies. These cookies are placed on your hard drive by our software that operates the servers. They may also be placed by the software operated by our third-party associates.
      2. When you visit our site for the first time, we ask your permission to use these cookies. In cases where you choose not to accept cookies, we shall not use any while you visit our site with the only exception to record that you have refused to consent for the use of cookies for any purpose.
      3. In cases where you do not consent to the use of cookies or it through the settings in your browser, you may not be able to avail full functionality of our site.
      4. Go Compare Parking uses cookies in the below-mentioned ways:
      • For tracking how to use our website.
      • For recording whether or not you have seen specific messages displayed on our site.
      • For keeping you signed in on our website.
      • For recording your survey and questionnaire on our site while you are completing them.
      • For recording sad conversation threads with our support team.
    15. Why We Use Cookies on Our Site

      1. Cookies are small-sized files used for record-keeping. They are replaced by our site on your hard drive. They enable users to access and use our site in addition to saving their passwords or preferences. These cookies are restricted for usage just on our site. They never transfer any personal data to any third parties.
      2. Usually, browsers are already set up to accept all cookies. However, you may choose to reset your browser settings and reject all cookies or set it up to be informed whenever a cookie is sent. For further instructions, please browser's technical information. If you decide to disallow all cookies or reject accepting them in your settings, certain parts of our site may not function as you may accept or work considerably slow.
      3. Go Compare Parking utilizes cookies in the below mentioned ways:
      • For tracking how to use our website.
      • For recording whether or not you have seen specific messages displayed on our site.
      • For keeping you signed in on our website.
      • For recording your survey and questionnaire on our site while you are completing them.
      • For recording sad conversation threads with our support team.
    16. Collection Of Personal Identifiers Via Your Browsing Activities

      1. Information on your computer's hardware and software may be collected automatically by Go Compare Parking. This information may include your IP address, type of browser, any domain name, access timings, and addresses of referral websites. This information is utilised for our service operations, for quality maintenance of our service, and facilitates general statistics concerning the use of the Go Compare Parking site.
      2. All requests are recorded that are made by your web browser to our website servers for accessing web pages or any other content on our site.
      3. Go Compare Parking keeps a record of information like your graphical location, your IP address, and your internet service provider. We also keep a record of information regarding the software that you used for browsing our site like the computer, digital devices, or screen resolutions.
      4. Go Compare Parking utilizes this collected information as an aggregate to evaluate the popularity of our web pages on our site and assess the performance of content provided to you in them.
      5. In case, the combination of information we collected on your previous visit to our site might be used to personally identify you even when you are not signed in to our site. 
    17. Information Sharing and Disclosure

      1. Even though we never disclose your personal information ever to any third parties except the ones set out in this policy, we may sometimes receive information from our third-parties associates that indirectly consists of your personal information.
    18. Your Personal Information Usage

      1. Go Compare Parking gathers and utilizes your personal data to operate this website(s) and provide services to you as requested.
      2. Go Compare Parking may utilise your personally identifiable data to keep you updated with other products or services offered by us and our affiliates. Book My Parking may contact you through surveys while conducting research about as a customer of our services and off any potential new services that we might be offering.
    19. How Your Information Is Used

      1. Go Compare Parking information in the following cases:
      • To enable ourselves to identify you and any other accounts that you may hold with us
      • To update you regarding any services or events which we feel might interest you where you have already consented to be contacted for this purpose.
      • To enable ourselves to assess, evaluate, and improve our site and further develop its services.
      • To update you regarding any changes in our site or services.
      • To customise your user experience on our site.
      • To troubleshoot for any problems and resolve the disputes.
      • To find and defend ourselves against any errors, frauds, or similar reprehensible activities.
    20. Third-Party Links on Our Site

      1. Our site contains some third-party links. So, those outside parties, their associates, or agents may automatically collect certain information about you using technology when an advertisement from them is displayed on our site.
      2. They may also employ certain technologies like Javascript or cookies to measure the performance or personalize the content of their advertisements.
      3. Go Compare Parking claims no control over this data collected by third parties or these technologies. Consequently, our privacy policy does not cover the information collection or processing practices of these third parties. We recommend reading their privacy policy carefully before engaging.

    21. How We Use the Racking Mechanism

      1. We and our third-party associates employ tracking mechanisms to track any relevant information regarding our Site or the Services. We may choose to combine this information with other data collected on this Site from you and our third-party associates may do so on our behalf.

    22. How We Use the Racking Mechanism

      1. Go Compare Parking might choose to avail outsourced services from countries outside of the European Union whenever need be.Consequently, any data collected under UK law or in any of the other countries can be processed out of the European Union.Book My Parking follows the below-mentioned safeguard protocols concerning the data that is transferred out of the European Union:The intended processor must abide by the same set of corporate rules for the processing of all data as our own business/organization and belong to the same corporate group. The clauses for data protection including the transfer clauses within our contract concerning the data processors are written or approved by a European Union's supervisory authority.Go Compare Parking complies with an approved code of conduct by a European Union’s supervisory authority.
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